How does it work?
Tagvisor collects reviews on the best places and tourist attractions in the city from social networks following hashtags, location-based data and postings by official communities.
Why do I need it?
Check what popular social network’s users write about different places in order to estimate them and make your own choice. On an average, there are 450 photo, video and word posts per each place.
I do not trust online reviews!
We have no paid-for reviews. We collect independent opinions of real people.
I like to make my own routes!
You decided to visit a museum and have a cup of coffee after that? Consult Tagvisor’s map – it will show best coffee shops nearby and help you pre-plan your recreation.
I’m searching for a local place!
Do you want to save your time? Choose places close to you.
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Attend better places. Photo and video reviews from social networks users.